long tail wedding dresses

Published: 23rd February 2011
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Like many romantic movies wearing a big long tail walking in the church together with a loved, this is the dream of many girls.

Trailing wedding were divided in three, small tail, the tail and long tail, as each has its own temperament, bride should choose their wedding dresses with their body and to match the occasion. Currently trailing bridal salon will also be designed as a wedding can be shortened or detachable, so the wedding dress can be adjusted in response to the length of occasions, you will love the amazing images.

Long tail wedding dress is not only the dream of a princess for girls, but also fashions in recent years. Because of the long tail is showing itself to the elegance and luxury and by their love to the bride. Long tail wedding is beautiful and elegant; it should be the first choice of many brides in mind. And a long tail wedding shoot out on the mirror effect of romantic.

Advantages and disadvantages of long-tail wedding dress

1. Tailing wedding dress is very critical of the choice of venue, the venue can not be too narrow and uneven ground can not be the bride on the route to go is not even a dry branch, dip; romantic beach grass ......, holy Church is the first choice. Wedding long tail as big as an ordinary car simply does not fit, even if reluctantly put down, get off the long tail will not open due to stretch and wrinkled, the bride's image will be greatly reduced.

2. The long tail, the most suitable atmosphere with eye-catching accessories, and bridal styling would be an exaggeration, but not cumbersome.

3. To wear a big tail wedding the bride's body generally requires relatively tall.

4.The bride needs to learn some manners, because the wedding day to be walking all over the court, behind the band of "tail", if the walk too fast or turn around too much, you may accidentally stumbled tail or other obstacles in the heel material on, fails to decency. You should select flower girl who was older and sufficient strength.

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